Primary Users of Jam Tabs are those who are interested in playing music with others as a social activity. These users are fairly new to their instruments, or to the instrument of interest in the study. Primary users also have a fundamental understanding of music and the idea of playing a chord progression and improvising is not new. Jammers in this category are motivated by having fun and expressing themselves in a social context.

Secondary users may have no idea of what it takes to Jam but would like to. Secondary users may also believe that only musicians that have been playing for years have the capability to improvise in a social setting. This user demographic may be motivated to play music with others socially but is afraid to do so without prior training. Another group of secondary users may be those that are very musically inclined, have been playing for a long time and are mildly interested in music analysis and improvisation methods. These users have all of the component knowledge to jam but either do not have the social outlet or the activity of improvising is relatively new to them.


Secondary User Persona Example:

Candice Dwyer is a 17 year old High School girl. She enjoys playing guitar and hanging out with her friends. Some of the kids at school have been playing music together and “jamming”. Candice has heard of jamming before but she really doesn’t understand what they mean. Candice has said, "I don’t play any instruments well enough to jam”. In order to learn Candice considers taking some piano lessons so she can practice on an instrument that none of her friends play. She likes listening to John Legend, Ed Sheeran, and Ingrid Michaelson. Candice’s friend Mica shows Candice SolJAMM, a system her music teacher uses, and they start learning a little piano together. After a month of playing piano Candice thinks she might be ready to jam, but how can she get started?

Non-Users of Jam Tabs are likely to be parents, related to, or friends with a musician. This group is likely to see the interest their child or friend has in playing music and would like to facilitate it. This may also be people who enjoy listening to music but do not play themselves. Those of which recognize the benefits of playing music, whether they are cognitive or physical, and would like to promote or facilitate the activity of jamming.

Owners of music schools may be inclined to purchase Jam Tabs as a tool to motivate students to play music. As facilitators of musical experiences it is important for them to be using tools that allow students to do so quickly and efficiently.