The Design



The task of coordinating musical ideas in a jam setting usually requires highly developed auditory skills. Well trained musicians may be able to pick up on auditory cues and respond with appropriate chords and scales. This skill is not available for those who do not have highly developed auditory recognition for musical elements. For these musicians visual cues should be an appropriate modality to receive musical information.

For the scope of the Jam Tabs Application two main interfaces were tested. The first being a phone application interface. This section required the participant to locate and play a Jam Track in the style of Pink Floyd,  as well as a Funk style Jam Track. The participant was also tasked with manually changing the LED light display using the application interface.


The second activity tested was designed to assess the effectiveness of the Jam Tabs system for jamming using a colored instrument and a light display. This section of testing required users to play a keyboard instrument. The UI for Jam Tabs was designed to consist of an application interface, but also to allow interaction with the colored instrument they are playing. Therefore the effect of color coordination for jamming was an essential design consideration.